This site is for purchasing copies directly from me, the author. Most of my work, including my Lazy Designer guides to developing videogames, are also available from popular retailers such as Amazon and Kobo.

Why Buy Direct?

I seldom get to know my readers when I sell through sites like Amazon but by selling direct, I have the opportunity to engage with readers — and they with me. I like that.

For the reader the main advantage of buying direct will be that, as much as feasible, I’ll try and ensure that you are always able to read your copy of any ebooks you purchase (from me). What I mean by this, is that if formats change or you get a different reading device, just e-mail me and I’ll try and get you a copy of the book(s) you purchased in the appropriate formats.

Here’s some examples of what I’m willing to do (expect up to a week wait however):

  • Format Conversion. If you’d like the pdf in a format for Kobo or Amazon, that should be possible for most of my eBooks.
  • Font Change. If you’d like a simple font change on the pdf purchased just be clear which font you want used and the size (and it has to be something readily available).

(And I don’t want to ignore those readers who have supported me elsewhere. If you purchased copies elsewhere and want a different format message me and we’ll discuss a fair exchange.)

Purchasing through Gumroad

I use Gumroad because it was easy to integrate with the website and easily deployed. That said I understand some people do not want to supply their credit card information. Other options including purchasing through Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble (though this no longer qualifies as a direct buy). You could also send paypal (to: storiesat). Please indicate the format(s) you want. It will take a few extra days for me to process manual orders such as this.


As mentioned most of Brent’s written work is available at other retailers and you may find the price lower there. Why? Primarily we might charge slightly more because of the format-exchange offer. Over time we’d also like to offer free revisions to customers and added-value — templates, new examples and the like. In addition by having control over the payment system it is more likely that we’ll offer pricing deals and other incentives.


  • Can I Distribute Copies of Your Books? Please, don’t. This is an income stream for me that allows me to develop games and write new material. I’m okay with handing your copy off to friends (as long as they realize not to share it), for classroom work or small project development. Basically use your judgment… if a group needs it to complete something, I’m not going to be too annoyed. If I find it on a file sharing site, I’ll be disappointed.